What you need to know about Sioux Falls. 

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News doesn't have to be exhausting

A lot has been happening in Sioux Falls from overflowing schools to a shifting healthcare landscape to a growing community. 

Sioux Falls Simplified cuts through the clutter and delivers the bullet-pointed, bite-sized version of the local news you need to stay informed.

No jargon.

No opinions.

Just locally owned local news.

We know Sioux Falls. Our team of experienced journalists lives, works and plays here. And now we're here to bring the information you need to stay sharp on the happenings in your community without leaving the comfort of your inbox. 

What the Sioux Falls community has to say: 

“If I can get all of the things I need in a really bite-sized piece through one email, that just seems more accessible to me.” 

“The disaster that is news nowadays, I think what people are really looking for is just get-to-the-point kind of messaging.” 

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